Home Remedies for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is not in itself a disease. Most of the time, it is symptomatic of an existing injury or a sudden strain on the muscles. Sometimes, it does not even matter what you do. Whether you are one to spend your day in the gym or sitting in front of your computer, you are […]

Get to Know the Potential Issues Cigarettes Can Pose to Your Health

With almost the same look-and-feel of real cigarettes, e-cigarettes are becoming a big hit among the masses. However, with increasing popularity of the product, the unknown possible health effects are also coming out. There are several scientific researches being conducted in an attempt to keep pace with the growing popularity of e-cigarettes, but still it […]

Four Practical Tips to Manage Diabetes and Stop Worrying

Diabetes looms large into the face of our health, thanks to our love for starchy foods and our couch potato lifestyle. Our insulin levels can’t help but fall short when it comes to metabolizing the high amounts of starch in our daily diet. We can’t live without our frequent potato chip snacks, our weekend pastas […]

Erectile Dysfunction Causes And Telehealth Solutions

One of the best ways to determine a possible cause for your erectile dysfunction (ED) is to consult a doctor via the telehealth method. Online medical consultation may be a foreign concept to some of you; however, it has been used for several years. Simply put, telehealth allows the patient to communicate with a board […]

Essential Guide on How to Keep Teeth Healthy

Healthy teeth and proper oral hygiene is one of the keys to confidence. Healthy gums, fresh breath and bright and white teeth do contribute a lot to high self-esteem. The following is a basic guide on how to properly maintain good oral hygiene and keep your teeth healthy. Maintain Proper Hygiene Proper brushing is one […]