Erectile Dysfunction Causes And Telehealth Solutions

One of the best ways to determine a possible cause for your erectile dysfunction (ED) is to consult a doctor via the telehealth method. Online medical consultation may be a foreign concept to some of you; however, it has been used for several years. Simply put, telehealth allows the patient to communicate with a board certified physician who diagnoses medical problems with computer telecommunication.

There are even more advanced methods of telemedicine being used to actually perform tests and procedures on patients without them being present. Doctors can now use a “virtual patient” and diagnostic unit with all data downloaded into a computer component. Telehealth is becoming the healthcare delivery choice of the future in many areas of medicine. Of course, not all areas are included, as some hands on procedures and surgery is necessary to treat many diseases and conditions.

Over 30 Million Americans Affected By ED

Erectile dysfunction is one chronic condition treated by many telemedical providers, and virtual doctors can give online prescriptions for diseases of this nature. The first step of treatment is to determine what is causing the ED. There can be emotional, physical or a combination of both as a cause. Erectile dysfunction is experienced at least once by nearly all men. It can be an isolated occurrence that goes away quickly or it can last for an extended period. Medical intervention may be required.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 30 million men suffer from long term ED. There are a number of options that are both effective and safe to treat this condition. The best cure is prevention, so you should consider making changes to your lifestyle to eliminate the need for continued health care.

Physical Causes Of ED

Blood Flow Restriction: The flow of blood to the brain, heart and penis can be restricted by heart conditions such as atherosclerosis (blood vessels in the heart become obstructed), heart disease, high cholesterol and hypertension resulting in ED.

Nerve and Artery Damage: Erectile dysfunction can result from damage to the nerves and arteries resulting from diabetes, and this is experienced by as many as 75 percent of men who have this condition.

Kidney Disease: Chemical changes in the body resulting from kidney disease results in ED in up to fifty percent of men suffering for it. The hormone balance, circulation and functioning of nerves is affected leading to the erectile dysfunction.

CNS Malfunction: The obtaining and maintaining of an erection is influenced by the central nervous system. Many neurological diseases can result in an interruption in the nerve impulses to the penis from the brain. Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease, spinal cord injury and strokes are among these diseases. A man in his 40’s and 50’s can have early onset of symptoms of both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Cancer Treatment: Therapies for cancer such as radiation, chemotherapy and surgical removal of a cancerous tumor all cause ED.

Emotional Causes Of ED

Mental Health Conditions: The top two associated with the cause of ED are anxiety and depression.

Stress:  Any kind of stress leads to this conditions such as struggling with finances, work issues, or relationship problems. In new relationships, ED can be triggered by stress over performance.

Other Causes Of ED

Surgery of the penis, testicles or pelvic region

Penis or genital area injury

Tobacco abuse

Alcohol abuse

Drug abuse, legal or illegal

Compression of the nerves  or blood flow to the penis Low levels of testosterone

Scar tissue on the inside of the penis from Peyronie’s disease

Use of antidepressant medications and other drugs


Ed Treatment Through Online Healthcare Delivery

Many causes of ED can be treated through changes in lifestyle, medication, surgical procedures or the reduction of stress. The most difficult cause to treat is the aging process. Men can enjoy an active sex in their 70’s with the help of a virtual doctor and and online prescriptions.