Get to Know the Potential Issues Cigarettes Can Pose to Your Health

With almost the same look-and-feel of real cigarettes, e-cigarettes are becoming a big hit among the masses. However, with increasing popularity of the product, the unknown possible health effects are also coming out. There are several scientific researches being conducted in an attempt to keep pace with the growing popularity of e-cigarettes, but still it is yet to be seen if these devices will be a boon to people who’re hoping to quit smoking or a setback to their aspiration to cut down nicotine for good reasons.

The Bigger Picture Remains Unclear

E-cigarettes, the battery-powered products that convert nicotine into vapor, are not subject to the same regulations as the conventional cigarettes and are sold over the counter since concrete regulations have not yet been issued on e-cigarettes.

Speaking about the health effects of these devices, every electronic cigarettes manufacturer claims that they do not pose any potential health risks, since users would not be inhaling smoke and nicotine is only converted to vapor. But, in reality, whole e-cigarettes may not cause cancer, but they may still be the cause for ailments like heart attack, stroke, heart diseases, and other such health risks if used in very high quantities.

Are They Totally Safe?

Smokers use e-cigars to get a feel similar to what they would with a conventional cigarette. However, since the nicotine used in these devices is taken from tobacco plant, it is alienated from tar and associated plant materials, which cause cancer when inhaled. Since no study has proved the long term side effects of inhaling the vapor from nicotine in the e-cigarette, it is not totally safe to say they don’t cause any problems. It is just safe to state that e-cigarettes are probably healthier than the traditional cigarettes since they don’t contain the chemicals from tobacco leaves.

Potential Risks

It is a justified fact that e-cigarettes contain nicotine and this is not a safe chemical either. It is a highly poisonous one, almost similar to pesticides. When you inhale too much of it, you may get to experience nicotine poisoning, which may cause headaches, nausea, and vomiting. That does not mean smaller doses are safer. When an e-cigarette user takes in nicotine, his body adrenaline levels shoot higher, which in turn, gives an instant rush of energy, increasing the blood pressure, breathing, and heartbeat rate too. It also causes your body to pump blood with sugar. It is due to these effects that usage of nicotine is associated with heart attacks, stroke, and other heart diseases.

Usage of E-Cig is Legal in Public Places

Till now we have discussed about the health effects on the active smokers and seen that possible health risks could be associated with the smoker. Moving our focus over to the passive smokers or the people surrounding the e-cigarette smokers, these devices are definitely a boon since there is no smoke released to affect their health. This is the reason why many states have legalized use of e-cigarettes even in public places.

Can E-Cigars Help You in Getting Rid of the Smoking Addiction?

The overall idea of smokers when they changeover from the traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes is to quit smoking. If asked, whether this is achievable we would say that it is possible to some extent, but at the same time, the smoker needs to have a strong willpower to quit smoking. Initially, it definitely helps to wean off from tobacco, but then it is important to remember that you would slowly be getting addicted to nicotine instead of tobacco. However, researchers say that nicotine is less addictive than tobacco. So, with little bit of efforts from the smoker, it is possible to quit smoking gradually.

Finally, we would say that the health effects of e-cigarettes are still to be discovered, but it can be certainly said that there certainly are some health risks associated with their usage.