Headaches & Migraines Wadsworth

You are not alone if your dealing with headaches or migraines in Wadsworth. Millions of Americans are faced with this potentially devastating problem, and the majority rely on medication for relief. This article will help to provide some information that you can use to improve your condition.

There are a number of different symptoms that precede headaches for most patients. Some patients get irritable, others may have hallucinations or get depressed. Some other common symptoms are nausea, digestive issues, and light sensitivity. Patients that have severe symptoms have trouble functioning every day.

Women are usually affected more often than men with migraines. This typically begins after puberty. No one is exactly sure of the cause, but it is thought to be possibly genetically related. We know there are genetic tendencies, but its unlikely that this is the only cause. There is no known migraine gene.

In our experience chiropractic care is very effective at helping people with migraines. When the spine is aligned, and pressure removed from the nervous system, this will prevent migraine headaches from occurring. Most people know they need to see a dentist regularly, but they have no idea that a chiropractor is just as important. Dental care for our teeth is important, but your spine and nervous system have a far more important role in your body.

For over 100 years chiropractors have been helping people with headaches and migraine headaches. Chiropractors understand that the nervous system is the central control system of the body. If the spine moves out of position it can put pressure on the surrounding nerves. Nerve pressure results in many different kinds of problems, but most definitely headaches can result.

So How Do You Treat Headaches?

The treatment for headaches depends on what the cause of the headaches is. Our doctors will work meticulously until they find the cause of your headaches and help you get rid of them. Each year millions of dollars are spent treating headaches with aspirin and other drugs. This will help for a short time, but will not find the solution to the problem. Our team will help you find the source of the problem, which helps prevent the need for medications.

If you suffer from headaches, it’s time to make a change. Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions you may have. Our doctors at Advanced Health and Wellness Center are very successful helping people with headaches and migraines. We look forward to being a part of your healthcare team..