Neuropathy in Wadsworth

Countless numbers of people in the Wadsworth area suffer from neuropathy. This is a collection of disorders which occur when nerves in the part of the nervous system outside the spinal cord and brain have become damaged. The condition is often called peripheral neuropathy. Nerve axons become damaged and this leads to numbness and pain in the feet and hands. There are many causes of nerve damage, trauma, infection, exposure to toxins and metabolic disorders; however one of the main causes is diabetes.

Motor nerves which control muscle movement and sensory nerves that allow us to feel pain or cold are both affected by Neuropathy. Autonomic neuropathy can occur and this can have an effect on important internal organs such as bladder, intestines, blood vessels and the heart.

Many describe the pain of Peripheral neuropathy as a tingling or burning sensation. Neuropathy can be associated with diabetes, some other diseases and poor nutrition along with trauma and pressure on nerves. There are however cases of idiopathic neuropathy where the cause is never established. Around 20 million people in the United States are known to suffer from neuropathy with around half of all diabetics suffering.

Our Wadsworth area team at Advanced Health and Wellness Center are highly skilled and experienced at helping people with neuropathy conditions. Please give us a call today with any questions you may have as we are very happy to help.

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